Have you decided it’s time to take the plunge and work full time from home? No doubt you’re thrilled at the prospect of ditching the morning commute and starting work in your slippers? If you write travel blogs, no doubt you’ve done a fair amount of commuting, honed your writing skills and developed a large enough following to set up a business writing travel blogs from your home. Congratulations on your hard work. Take these recommendations from the professionals that successfully work from home offices.

Define the area in your home that will be dedicated to your office. This space should be away from the main traffic areas. Only set up an office in your bedroom as a last resort.  This completely goes against the grain of establishing a professional and personal work balance and separation. Ideally, a guest bedroom that could double as home office would allow the space and privacy required for maximum productivity.  Resist the temptation to co-mingle business items and personal household items. This will limit distractions and increase productivity.

A large table or desk should be the anchor of your office space. Because you will be spending a good portion of your day on your laptop or desktop, it’s critical to invest in a quality office chair.  Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons for the incredible selection of office chairs available at  Office Depot. Your back will thank you. If possible, place your desk in front of a window to enjoy as much natural light throughout the say as possible. Add a quality desk lamp to your desk and you’re ready for business.

To be successful working from home, it’s critical to establish regular working hours. Plan to begin and end work at the same time each day and resist the temptation to return to the office in the evenings or weekends. This can turn into negative habits that will actually cause a decrease in overall productivity.  Establishing a consistent work life balance is critical for success. Best of luck to you on launching your work from home business writing travel blogs.  Your home office will be welcoming space to return to after your travels!

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