A few years ago, before we could spend hours wandering the booking sites, travel experts, like us, advised us all kinds of sophisticated piracy, some of which were somewhat legitimate, or at least strongly hated airline. They include things like open routes (different airport from the one you arrived in), the hidden city (book connecting flights to a cheaper destination and departing planes in correspondence) and return to the return ticket, buy cheap tickets for two cheap tour, including Saturday night, in order to reduce the rate.

Booking flights in the same direction:

Many of these tactics are sometimes based on booking two (or more) flights in the same direction, rather than on general back and forth flights, which rarely offer opportunities to steal the plane and break prices. The general advice was to determine how much money the airlines assigned to you in every direction, and then find a cheap flights to fly in the most expensive direction. It can be another airline or another airport nearby or even the same airline at another time or class of travel.

Travelers of the “savvy” type have been doing this for several decades, and there was a time when it was almost easy to do so when airline tickets were flying online for booking. In recent years, however, most armored vehicles have become very well informed about what they are doing and are not showing you, and these suggestions are a little more difficult to obtain.

The clock can be rotated in a different direction. In the last two years, upstream search sites have started to remove the sail again; in particular, the Kayak now shows the so-called “Hacker tariffs”, which are the rates on both ends, committed to unidirectional flights on different routes. As a general rule, you cannot find or buy on most sites and booking and, of course, do not use one of the airline’s website (although using multiple sites will work). The core of the practice is to buy two cheap tickets one-off rates, usually on different airlines, unlike a round-trip ticket, which can be a lot more expensive.

Cost Allocation

Even if you have never bought two one-way fares in the same way, you have probably seen the receipt showing the cost allocation of a return ticket was purchased, when it became clear that the part of your general itinerary was very convenient, and the other – not so much. The idea is to buy cheap flights from an airline, and then go to a cheaper flight for another route to another airline, which may have more opportunities on the way, or the less popular reason or should empty planes or offer more complex flights – all factors that can reduce the price of this flight.

It still requires a lot of research and clicks (and again the same day, phone calls) based on pairs of great rates, but Fares Hacker kayaks will show you some of these options in the normal flight search. site.

It remains a mystery when you will not see them – Kayak will not reveal how it collects and cheap ticket rates of hackers, or how often they are available, indicating only that the frequency of “significant”. So in the end, you’re still a little hostage to what your site wants to show you. Do not get me wrong – the Kayak system is great, and it should be your first stop when you see the rates on both ends, which are too expensive to buy, without serious research – but there are benefits and savings that are available for those who are ready to break them.

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